What's up with Letters!!

What's up with Letters! We will explore in depth fun things we can do in our Lettering. This class can be enjoyed by 6D, P+ or P+2, but there are many features I will be covering in this class that are unique to P+2. Software needed for this class in the Embroidery Module and up through Ultra.

Crafter's Night

Open Sewing on select Friday Nights from 5pm to 11pm

Creative Cutwork

Create a one-of-a-kind cutwork project for your home. Use the cutwork needles and built in designs with your embroidery machine to make a pillowcase or a table topper. An art that was once time consuming is now quick and easy with your embroidery machine.

Mar 8
Creating in the hoop designs!!!
Mar 10
Floating Nine Patch Quilt
Mar 23
Crafter's Night